At the Intersection of Salvador Dali & Dr. Seuss

Imagine the mysterious Salvador Dali and the fanciful Dr. Seuss working together to create a visual journey through your mind. Now you know where I'm coming from. This is how I think.These images are what I see when I close my eyes. It's a fun, enjoyable and creative environment that encourages exploration. So leave behind what you know to be true, and begin a journey through the world of my imagination.

My world is based on what I see around me, but it’s transformed and it strains the boundaries of reality. My artwork is a workout for your imagination. A well toned imagination leads to creative thinking which is essential to problem solving. By exercising your imagination, creative thinking, and problem solving, the world becomes a much more enjoyable place.

I always incorporate at least one element that will be familiar to you, one which will draw you into this invented reality. This is your starting or jumping off point. This introduction sets the stage for more exploration. Once drawn into this world, you are free to unbuckle your seatbelt, get up and move around, using your imagination to create an experience that is uniquely yours.

Welcome to the intersection of Dali and Dr. Seuss, I hope you enjoy your journey.

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